What are belts?

As in some martial arts, belts mark the attainment of higher and higher levels within the gaming group.

They are assigned to users by the algorithm based on match results, group members' ree scores and the group's characteristics.

Once you earn a belt you'll never lose it, until you replace it with a higher-level one.

The belts are, in order:

  • White belt
    9th Kyū - Kyūkyū - 九級
  • Yellow belt
    8th Kyū - Hakkyū - 八級
  • Orange belt
    7th Kyū - Nanakyū - 七級
  • Green belt
    6th Kyū - Rokkyū - 六級
  • Blue belt 1st level
    5th Kyū - Gokyū - 五級
  • Blue belt 2nd level
    4th Kyū - Yonkyū - 四級
  • Brown belt 1st level
    3rd Kyū - Sankyū - 三級
  • Brown belt 2nd level
    2nd Kyū - Nikyū - 二級
  • Brown belt 3rd level
    1st Kyū - Ikkyū - 一級
  • Black belt

Each belt is accompanied by a quotation from Yamamoto Tsunetomo's Hagakure.

More info about rankade badges here.