Rankade in ten easy steps

  1. Rankade is easy.
    Use a group you played with (or a new group you created) and enter the matches.
    Everything else (archiving, general rankings, partial rankings for each game, stats, awards) is automated.

  2. A faction is a set of players with the same goal.
    In team-based games, it's the same as 'team'. In singles-based games, each single player is a faction.
    To enter a match, select the game and other required info, build the opposing factions entering the players' emails (if this is their first time in this group) or picking their names from the list (if they are already part of the group), enter the final results and save the match.

  3. You can enter a match with time and date within the previous 31 days (go Plus if you need extended backdating).

  4. If you're not registered on rankade when you play a match, you'll receive an invitation to join.
    You can register to rankade within 15 days from invitation.

  5. An admin can edit entered data or delete a match.
    If you're not an admin, you can register matches, but you cannot delete or edit match data.

  6. For the reasons above, rankings are considered 'stable' only if you enter matches in the same order you played them. If you enter matches with an earlier timestamp than the latest one, this would inevitably alter rankings and related awards.

  7. Whenever you can, you should enter matches in the right order, as soon as possible. It's the best option.
    This way, you'll avoid (or at least minimize) any 'unstable ranking' issue, and reduce processing time.

  8. If you play in a multi-game group, you should enter all matches in the same group on rankade and avoid creating different groups for each game.
    Besides the overall rankings, rankade also calculates rankings for each individual game, as soon as you cross a minimum match threshold.

  9. In rankade, match dates are critical for calculating rankings.
    Wrong dates lead to incorrect rankings.
    If you have an archive of matches played in the far past, don't enter them with the wrong dates (and go Plus).

  10. Now you know all you need to know.
    Welcome again on rankade.
    Now, back to playing!

If you need more in-depth info, check the F.A.Q.

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