Thanks 2017-05-19

Welcome back!

For those of you who chose to support rankade in the last few days (single users, office groups from companies of any size, sports and games clubs, friends' groups, etc) by subscribing to Plus Group and Supporter User options: thank you!

If you haven't made this quantum leap yet, a couple of notes:

  • In case you haven't read the (overly?) long text in the pricing page ("What's going on with rankade"), please take a minute to do so. It's important. And consider that, when you come across the word, 'survival', we're being quite literal.

  • Prices are still at early-bird, super-discount levels. In this phase, upgrading to Supporter User costs 1€/1$ a month (billed annually, with no auto-renewal), and upgrading a ten to thirty user group to Plus Group costs 20 to 40 cents a month per user, even less if the group is larger. All you need to do is ask people in your office, club, or group of friends to chip in with a few coins and we both win: you can enable all the new features, we can take our project to the next step.

Thanks again, and happy gaming!

What's going on with rankade 2017-05-06

Yeah, we know how it's supposed to work: never write anything long, because people won't bother reading it, much less actually think about it. But we believe that rankade's users are of a different mettle; so, if we have something important to say, we use each and every word we need - even, like, more that ten of them! So, let's get to it: we trust you to be still with us after this dozen paragraphs.

Rankade has been online for a little more than two years.
In these months, the number of users, groups and recorded matches has grown steadily and surprisingly, even more so considering that the main growth came almost exclusively through word-of-mouth. We're very proud of how diverse the games you play are (the list is very, very long!) and of how many countries your groups hail from.

Here's a little more info about us.
Rankade is a small start-up, established exclusively to develop this project. The platform you're using was designed, developed and tested for a long time before it went live, right from the algorithms at its heart, and after going live we've kept working hard on it, taking advantage of valuable field tests and user feedback. During these years, we have endeavoured to make the interfaces more usable, the database and processes more robust and especially - as our earlier users know all too well - to increase the number of features and the amount of data available to groups and users.
We did all of this just on our own devices, since we've chosen (bucking the trend, as it appears) to forego outside financial support in order to avoid outside meddling.
We believe in our project and we want to keep developing it on our own, managing all aspects of it directly.

Which leads us right to the point.
Our ultimate goal is for rankade to become a global standard for rankings. This said, rankade has two main, shorter-term, less-than-original targets: offering a better and better service to our users and, well, survival. :)
We work hard every day for one of those targets. For the other one, we ask you, no matter whether you're faithful early adopters or you've just landed on these shores, for a little help towards achieving economical sustainability, being able to develop and grow rankade further, and allowing us to offer you a better and better product, without distorting the nature of our project or ruining the way you enjoy it.

All of the basic features in rankade (group creation, match recording and ranking processing, through the webapp and mobile app) have been, and always shall be, available and free for all users.
However, upgrades are available: with Plus Groups and Supporter Users, you can become active contributors to rankade and help with its development.

As a tangible thank-you to all those who support us, Plus Groups have access to a wide range of specially designed features, and to other future additions still being developed, and Supporter Users access to an ad-free version of the webapp and to selected features. The whole list of features and their details are available in our pricing page. It goes without saying that early-bird adopters will enjoy heavily discounted prices.

We know we can count on your support and we're here to answer any doubt you may have. We're keeping this clear, with no marketing mumbo-jumbo: we want to keep working on rankade, to make it bigger and better, more useful, more fun.
And for this, we need a little help from all of you. Really.

Thank you very much, and happy gaming!

Last call 2017-02-24

Last call for 'early registration'!

Only those users who finalize their registration within the end of February will enjoy the 'early adopter' bonus features.

See news post below for more details.

Next months 2017-02-12

Welcome back!

Great news are coming to rankade over the next months, so be prepared.

All rankade users who will have registered before 02.28.2017 will enjoy a number of bonus features exclusive to 'early adopters'.

Therefore, here's some advice to all of you, whether you've been with us for months and months or are just newly arrived: if you want to create new groups, with new opponents (family, friends, colleagues, etc), or to add new members to groups you already have, or to invite new friends, do it fast.

To add a new user to a group, just add their email in the appropriate field in 'Edit group', accessing the group's page as an admin; if you're not an admin, you can do it directly while adding a new match.

If you have any friends who are potentially interested in rankade but who don't play with you, you can invite them by simply giving them the link to the homepage. As you know, registering (via email, Facebook, or Google) is fast and free.

Moreover, any admin of a group containing ghosts (users not linked to an email address but managed directly by the admin) should convert all ghosts into actual users by the end of the month. Conversion is very simple:

  • Open 'Ghost management' (it's a button in the 'Players' widget inside the group)
  • Enter the email addresses to link to each ghost
  • Save and exit 'Ghost management'.

All players you invite in this way and who are not registered on rankade yet will receive an email inviting them to finalize the registration. This step is easy, free, and with no ill effects: if the invited player does not finalize their user within 15 days, the 'pending' user will revert to a ghost again.

Of course, you will still be able to invite new users and convert ghosts into standard users also from 03.01.2017 onwards. However, only those users who finalize their registration within the end of February will enjoy the 'early adopter' bonus features, so don't miss this chance!

Webapp v1.8 2016-09-10

Autumn is coming, leaves are falling again, as usual, and finally the new webapp v1.8 is out. It's a major release, chock full of new features you can immediately see and try, as well as a host of behind-the-scene additions and improvements.

More in detail, these are the newly implemented features:

  • Group messages in a dedicated widget (add comments to match results and rankings, schedule future games, challenge your adversaries!)
  • Group badges (check them to see how to improve your group!)
  • Notifications about new matches and messages (stay tuned about what's happening in all your groups)
  • ...and more!

(Due to the new structure, some error can occur while loading groups, so please try accessing them from the dashboard)

Good gaming, and have a great autumn!

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