Black Friday? 2019-05-27

What's that you say?
Black Friday is in the fall, in November, and we're in May right now?
Also, today's not Friday?

But we want to celebrate our second anniversary since the launch of the Plus upgrade, so this is our Black Unfriday offer: only today, everything you can buy on rankade is available with an additional discount (up to 60% off their full price for Plus groups, and up to 75% off their full price for Supporter users) - on everything from new upgrades (which you can enable from here), to renewals, to extensions to what you already bought (which you can enable from here).

In two years, the list of new features exclusive to Plus groups has grown quite longer (the latest additions are full usage of match entering API and montly/quarterly autosubsets). We keep on working to offer you an ever richer and more complete system, and we keep needing your support for that (if you can spare five minutes, read here: nothing much has changed since we first posted that).

Thanks again to all who support and keep supporting us, thanks to all who're starting today, and see you soon with our next releases.

Happy Black Unfriday!

Quarterly and monthly subsets 2019-05-22

A new feature and a new addition to our long list of automated subsets!
Starting from today, Plus groups will also have access to monthly subsets (for the current month and two months before it) and quarterly subsets (for the current and previous quarter).

Subsets are automatically created as soon as the fifth match for the relevant period is entered, starting from the "May" and "2nd quarter" subsets for the current year.
Like all other automated and custom subsets, each monthly and quarterly subset has its own dedicated ranking with stats, activities, pair and matchup stats, badges, stats and facts, the whole shebang.

As always, you can change the subset you're viewing using the droplist on each widget (ranking, player stats, matchup stats) or via the dedicated "Games and subsets" widget.

Happy gaming!

Rank titles for custom subsets 2019-05-13

Welcome back!

We have just added rank titles to custom subsets, as you have been requesting.
From now on, you will be able to identify the Emperor, Samurais, and more in custom subsets too, just like in the game, weight, factions number, and yearly subsets.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions and feedback, we'll keep listening.
Check back soon, there's more new stuff brewing!

API service 2019-04-26

Welcome back!

By popular demand, after a long wait, API-driven match entering is finally available, joining the usual webapp/app channels. You'll find all the info you need to use the API service in the related documentation.

Happy gaming!

New year, same group 2019-01-02

Yearly rankings are the aggregated standings from subsets of matches within the group, including all matches played during a calendar year.

Now is the time to draw up a balance of the year that just ended! The 2018 subset (and the subsets for all previous years, if any) will be built and processed for all Plus groups (both existing and future upgrades) in a few days, as soon as a sizable number of match is recorded in 2019. And the 2019 subset will be built at the same time!

Of course, each subset has its own ranking, graph, and stats (check 'Games and subsets' widget for available subsets).

Therefore, we suggest you keep recording your matches in your original group, so that you can keep collecting statistical data, enjoying your new year ranking without losing the global ranking (with all-time stats, belts, badges, activites). Both rankings (global and yearly) will be updated after every match. You can easily switch rankings in all widgets.

Also, please remember that admins can always edit or delete previously recorded matches (adding, removing, or exchanging players, changing parameters, etc).

Happy gaming, and happy new year!

Black Friday 2018! 2018-11-22

Last year (like every year) on Black Friday, the number of users logged in to rankade reached its yearly low. We should have seen that coming, really: everybody was out shopping for shoes, or clothes (or maybe new table tennis paddles, boardgames, or billiard gloves to climb their groups' rankings on rankade).

Therefore, just like last year, we chose to have a little Black Friday of our own, for those happy few who dedicate a little of their Friday (on a work break, in the evening, or anytime else) to the best thing in the world: playing... and who, of course, spend a little of their time before, during, and after the match in the best game-side place to be: on rankade.

So let's have our own Black Friday: only for the next 48 hours, everything on sale on rankade is available with an additional discount (up to 60% off their full price for Plus groups, and up to 75% off their full price for Supporter users) - on everything from new upgrades (which you can enable from here), to renewals, to extensions to what you already bought (which you can enable from here).

Assuming you still have some spare change after all that shoe-shopping, of course... and assuming you want to support our project. 😀

Custom subset reloaded 2018-11-17

Welcome back!

We have just released a significant retooling of custom subsets, a Plus-only feature.

From now on, you will be able to create a custom subset even when it contains no match initially (in the earlier version, five matches were the needed minimum), and you can set date limits... in the future! (Great Scott!)

These two changes allow you to open a custom subset before its date interval, which in turn allows us to fulfill a popular request: fully customizable "season" subsets (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, by actual seasons of the year, by sports season, etc.).

For instance, you can create today a custom subset starting on 2018-12-01 and ending on 2018-12-31 containing all matches for December, which will fill up the subset as you play them.

Moreover, each Plus group can now create a maximum of five custom subsets (instead of four).

Please remember that subsets for:

  • each game,
  • each weight,
  • and each number of factions

are automatically created (with no limits and after the fifth match in the subset for Plus groups, only for the first three subsets and after the twentieth match for Standard groups), as are yearly subsets (for Plus groups only).

Each subset has its own ranking, all stats, facts, badges, activity feeds, and more.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions and feedback, we'll keep listening.
Check back soon, there's more new stuff brewing!

Funny little faces 2018-10-16

Rankade keeps growing. After the significant September upgrades, and while you wait for next month's news, rankade offers you a wider range of writing tools. Starting from today:

  • Group chats support markdown syntax
  • You can use emojis in group chats, match notes, faction name and so on

As we know and appreciate that for some of you this upgrade is much more essential than any technical tinkering or stat-crunching spruce-up (and there's nothing wrong with that - good spot for an emoji right here...), we remind you again that, if you feel like it, you can actively contribute to rankade's development - as stats-and-rankings supporters, as emoji enthusiasts, or as a bit of both (and we could definitely put another emoji here...), by upgrading your group to Plus.

Of course our first emoji-capable update gives us infinite possibilities to dazzle you with our emoticon skills. But, you know what?, call us a bunch of hipsters but we like it old school. A news post about emojis, without emojis? Let's see how it works out.

Happy gaming!

Faster and smoother 2018-09-27

Our major maintenance session, along with some side activities, is now over: our site, webapp and app are fully operational again. If you still have any problems, please report them to us through the contact us page. We'll fix everything as soon as we can.

Rankade has kept all previously implemented features, now running faster and smoother. If you appreciate the new stuff, if you're ready for fall, if your groups keep stringing up matches, if rankade is still a good place for you before, during and after matches, we're very happy about that.

If you upgrade your group to Plus and become active contributors, well, thanks for making us even happier! 😃

Happy gaming!

Major maintenance 2018-09-05

Welcome back!

In the next days we’ll be doing some major maintenance to make rankade faster and more robust. There’s a side effect, though: for a while between the 7th and 9th of September (i.e. from next Friday to Sunday) our webapp and site might be unreachable and the apps might not be operational.

We apologise for the inconvenience, should you encounter any. In that case, please wait a while before entering your weekend matches and then use our backdating feature (just click ‘Set additional options’ while entering matches) to record the correct time and date.

We’ll be back soon and better than ever.

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