Stats and facts 2018-04-26

It's done.
After a long process of development, implementation and testing, here comes the new 'Stats and facts' area, a new addition to the lineup of exclusive Plus features.
We're really proud of it.

To access the new area, just click on the red multifunctional floating button (bottom right). After opening the modal window, you'll be able to browse though all five available blocks, each with several items.

These are the stats we implemented:

  • Best/worst stats, including max/min ree in group history, best player/pair by win percentage, wildest mismatch, best/worst matchup for each player.
  • All pair matchup stats, to evaluate the performances of pairs in 2-vs-2 challenges and in matches with teams of several players.
  • Current streak stats for player, matchup, pair, pair matchup.
  • Highest/lowest ree stats for each group member.
  • Last win/loss stats for player, matchup, pair, pair matchup.
  • And more!

All stats are available for all players and for each subset within the group, including yearly subsets, automated weight-based subsets and custom subsets. An example: for a 20-player Table Football group with ten subsets, the 'Stats and facts' window can have over 5,000,000 (yep, that's five million) different outputs, always up-to-date with every match you enter.

All members of the Plus group have unlimited access to these queries.

Moreover, all outputs can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or the group's chat with a single click. A chance you don't want to miss to brag about your high scores and winning streaks, to shake your head in disbelief when you're down in the dumps, to share with your nemesis the challenging nature of your love-hate-win-lose relationship, to take a walk on memory lane and remember the good old days or your old shames, to celebrate the affinities with your best mate or the win you never expected to bag.

And what if you're not in a Plus group?
You can still access the 'Stats and facts' window ant test some of the features. And then... well, the best idea would probably be upgrading your group to Plus, unlock unlimited access for you and all other members and give your much needed contribution to rankade, so we can keep on working and making our system better, adding new features like we just did this time around.

We still need your support, the present and future of rankade depend on you. As always, thanks to all who gave us their kind support.

And, as always, happy gaming!

Just a hint 2018-01-19

Our system has detected that some groups are recording matches in a different group with the same name as a previous group, with the year appended (e.g. 'My group 2018'), and the same players.

We would like to inform you that - for Plus group - a new feature (Yearly autosubsets) is available with which rankade is able to automatically create subsets for matches played in each calendar year.

Therefore, we suggest you keep recording your matches in your original group, so that you can keep collecting statistical data, enjoying your new year ranking without losing the global ranking (with all-time stats, belts, badges, activites). Both rankings (global and yearly) will be updated after every match. You can easily switch rankings in all widgets.

Also, please remember that admins can always edit or delete previously recorded matches (adding, removing, or exchanging players, changing parameters, etc).

Yearly autosubsets 2018-01-05

A new feature for Plus groups!

Yearly rankings are the aggregated standings from subsets of matches within the group, including all matches played during a calendar year.

Now is the time to draw up a balance of the year that just ended! The 2017 subset (and the subsets for all previous years, if any) will be built and processed for all Plus groups (both existing and future upgrades) in a few days, as soon as a sizable number of match is recorded in 2018 (check 'Games and subsets' widget).

Of course, each subset has its own ranking, graph, and stats.

Therefore, we suggest you keep recording your matches in your original group, so that you can keep collecting statistical data, enjoying your new year ranking without losing the global ranking (with all-time stats, belts, badges, activites). Both rankings (global and yearly) will be updated after every match. You can easily switch rankings in all widgets.

Also, please remember that admins can always edit or delete previously recorded matches (adding, removing, or exchanging players, changing parameters, etc).

Quick form 2018-01-02

Welcome back.

After a preview launch to selected groups (thanks for your most useful feedback, by the way!), coming into the new year we're making available to everyone the Quick form for entering 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 matches.

Our new form will be available along with its predecessor, now called Full form, without replacing it. The system will automatically default to the form which better fits your group's characteristics, though of course you can always switch between the two.

Happy new year, and happy gaming!

Black Friday! 2017-11-24

Last year, on Black Friday, the number of users logged in to rankade reached an all-time low. We should have seen that coming, really: everybody was out shopping for shoes, or clothes (or maybe new table tennis paddles, boardgames, or billiard gloves to climb their groups' rankings on rankade).

Therefore, this time we chose to have a little Black Friday of our own, for those happy few who dedicate a little of their Friday (on a work break, in the evening, or anytime else) to the best thing in the world: playing... and who, of course, spend a little of their time before, during, and after the match in the best game-side place to be: on rankade.

So let's have our own Black Friday: only today, everything on sale on rankade is available with an additional discount (up to 60% off their full price for Plus groups, and up to 75% off their full price for Supporter users) - on everything from new upgrades (which you can enable from here), to renewals, to extensions to what you already bought (which you can enable from here).

Assuming you still have some spare change after all that shoe-shopping, of course... and assuming you want to support our project. :)

Two new features! 2017-11-09

And here we are again, so very soon after last time.

We just released two new exclusive features for Plus groups, adding to the long list you can see on the pricing page.

  • New awards! We have introduced win medals and draw and loss pins. As with all others, these too are awarded for every subset (auto-generated and custom) in the group, and are visible in the user rewards within the group, in the activities page and in the match details.

  • Also, we are very proud to present, by popular demand... pair stats! A vital addition for all Foosball groups and, in general, for team sports and games. For each pair in the group, wins, draws, losses, and win percentages are calculated for the two players in the same faction. You can access these new data in the 'Matchup and pair stats widget' (formerly 'Matchup stats'), by switching the selector.

New releases await you in the next few months, so stay tuned.

And, as always, happy gaming!

Autumn has come 2017-10-23

Welcome back.

Autumn has come and rankade keeps growing. In the next few weeks we will release the new features exclusive to Plus groups and Supporter users, valid both for already active subscriptions and for new arrivals.

As you will have noticed, there are new options for Plus Group and Supporter Users alongside the old annual subscriptions: 2-year and 5-year subscription deals, with more value than ever, and 6-month and 3-month Plus Group subscriptions, for those of you who need some groups only for short periods, or who want to test all of rankade's features but are on a tight budget.

Thanks again to all of our active supporters, and see you soon!

Thanks 2017-05-19

Welcome back!

For those of you who chose to support rankade in the last few days (single users, office groups from companies of any size, sports and games clubs, friends' groups, etc) by subscribing to Plus Group and Supporter User options: thank you!

If you haven't made this quantum leap yet, a couple of notes:

  • In case you haven't read the (overly?) long text in the pricing page ("What's going on with rankade"), please take a minute to do so. It's important. And consider that, when you come across the word, 'survival', we're being quite literal.

  • Prices are still at early-bird, super-discount levels. In this phase, upgrading to Supporter User costs 1€/1$ a month (billed annually, with no auto-renewal), and upgrading a ten to thirty user group to Plus Group costs 20 to 40 cents a month per user, even less if the group is larger. All you need to do is ask people in your office, club, or group of friends to chip in with a few coins and we both win: you can enable all the new features, we can take our project to the next step.

Thanks again, and happy gaming!

What's going on with rankade 2017-05-06

Yeah, we know how it's supposed to work: never write anything long, because people won't bother reading it, much less actually think about it. But we believe that rankade's users are of a different mettle; so, if we have something important to say, we use each and every word we need - even, like, more that ten of them! So, let's get to it: we trust you to be still with us after this dozen paragraphs.

Rankade has been online for a little more than two years.
In these months, the number of users, groups and recorded matches has grown steadily and surprisingly, even more so considering that the main growth came almost exclusively through word-of-mouth. We're very proud of how diverse the games you play are (the list is very, very long!) and of how many countries your groups hail from.

Here's a little more info about us.
Rankade is a small start-up, established exclusively to develop this project. The platform you're using was designed, developed and tested for a long time before it went live, right from the algorithms at its heart, and after going live we've kept working hard on it, taking advantage of valuable field tests and user feedback. During these years, we have endeavoured to make the interfaces more usable, the database and processes more robust and especially - as our earlier users know all too well - to increase the number of features and the amount of data available to groups and users.
We did all of this just on our own devices, since we've chosen (bucking the trend, as it appears) to forego outside financial support in order to avoid outside meddling.
We believe in our project and we want to keep developing it on our own, managing all aspects of it directly.

Which leads us right to the point.
Our ultimate goal is for rankade to become a global standard for rankings. This said, rankade has two main, shorter-term, less-than-original targets: offering a better and better service to our users and, well, survival. :)
We work hard every day for one of those targets. For the other one, we ask you, no matter whether you're faithful early adopters or you've just landed on these shores, for a little help towards achieving economical sustainability, being able to develop and grow rankade further, and allowing us to offer you a better and better product, without distorting the nature of our project or ruining the way you enjoy it.

All of the basic features in rankade (group creation, match recording and ranking processing, through the webapp and mobile app) have been, and always shall be, available and free for all users.
However, upgrades are available: with Plus Groups and Supporter Users, you can become active contributors to rankade and help with its development.

As a tangible thank-you to all those who support us, Plus Groups have access to a wide range of specially designed features, and to other future additions still being developed, and Supporter Users access to an ad-free version of the webapp and to selected features. The whole list of features and their details are available in our pricing page. It goes without saying that early-bird adopters will enjoy heavily discounted prices.

We know we can count on your support and we're here to answer any doubt you may have. We're keeping this clear, with no marketing mumbo-jumbo: we want to keep working on rankade, to make it bigger and better, more useful, more fun.
And for this, we need a little help from all of you. Really.

Thank you very much, and happy gaming!

Last call 2017-02-24

Last call for 'early registration'!

Only those users who finalize their registration within the end of February will enjoy the 'early adopter' bonus features.

See news post below for more details.

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