New major features 2020-08-31

Welcome back.

Times are still hard, we are still here.
Along with a slew of minor bits, our new release brings two new major features.

  • Now a group's admins can access the Group management center, a modal window that puts together and simplifies all group administration tasks (inserting matches, managing members, customization, etc.), and guides the admin along the way if they're creating a new group.
  • By popular demand, along with our usual email invite, now you can invite new users in a group with an alphanumeric code. Through the Group management center, an admin can enable this feature and access the code that they'll hand out to all players, who will use it to enter the group. Easy, fast, and clean.

Happy gaming!

Coronavirus 2020-03-25


So, there's this coronavirus thing. We can see from our system, too (as if we needed more proof...). All over the world, the number of matches for some types of games and sports, such as Table Tennis and Foosball, has dropped close to zero, understandably. Esports, video games and home boardgame groups have only slightly lower declines, and in general we are at an all-time low of activity on rankade.

Besides the data on webapp usage, we see all around us how world is different.
Our headquarter is located in one of the most hard-hit areas on the planet in terms of victim count, infection spread and restrictions on normal activities, with all that follows.
In short, we have seen better times.

Although we are working in very unusual conditions, since even the most basic activities are on hold, all webapp features are active, and we will do all we can to keep them so.

You probably have a thousand important and urgent things to deal with, which require your utmost care and attention. The list is very long these days. Should you, almost as an afterthought, have the time and resources to lend us a hand, to give us a small signal, besides the upgrade to Plus there is always the option - very light on your budget, about $1 a month - to become a Supporter. A small contribution that would work wonders for us, in every sense, in these complicated times.
Rankade wants to thank you for your support, and to help you with coronavirus lockdown, so all users who become Supporters in this period will have a free two-month extension; our plan, though, is to get back on track as soon as possible and take back the time, space and matches that the virus is stealing from us.

Above all, even if you cannot go to the office and challenge colleagues at Table Tennis as you did every day, even if you cannot be at your usual gaming night, even if your weekly appointment at the gym or club is suspended, even if your movements are limited, even if you're locked down at home, even if your regular gaming mates are unavailable, keep playing.
It is good for you.
And it is important.
Keep playing. Maybe changing habits, maybe changing the type of games, maybe changing gaming mates and opponents, maybe playing mostly with your family, maybe playing with those with whom you share your lockdown or quarantine quarters, maybe playing at a distance, over the Internet, over a video call, maybe changing everything, maybe inventing something new.
Keep playing.
Keep. Playing.
Rankade is and will be at your side. We look forward to your new matches, your new groups. And one day, when possible, we hope to see you play again like before, and more than before, even with those matches and in those groups that, for now, you've had to put on stand-by.
And we will still be there.

Despite coronavirus, despite everything, happy gaming!

New dōjō and API call 2020-02-28

Starting from today, rankade public APIs include a newly released call, allowing groups to retrieve match list and details (for Main or selected subset), and quota limits are enhanced both for Plus and Standard groups.

In addition, the dōjō is now larger and more crowded.

Happy gaming!

January? 2020-01-11

Public service announcement - Due to a minor bug (or maybe the Decennium Bug?) some Plus groups still have not processed the subsets for Jan 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience. The affected subsets and their related rankings will be created when a new match is entered.

New year, new rankings! 2020-01-03

Yearly rankings are the aggregated standings from subsets of matches within the group, including all matches played during a calendar year.

Now is the time to draw up a balance of the year that just ended!
The 2019 subset (and the subsets for all previous years, if any) will be built and processed for all Plus groups created during last year in a few days, as soon as a sizable number of match is recorded in 2020. And the 2020 subset will be built at the same time, together with 2020 Q1 - 1st Quarter and 2020 M01 January subsets!

Of course, each subset has its own ranking, graph, and stats (check 'Games and subsets' widget for available subsets).

Therefore, we suggest you keep recording your matches in your original group, so that you can keep collecting statistical data, enjoying your new year ranking without losing the global ranking (with all-time stats, belts, badges, activites). All rankings (global, yearly, quarterly, monthly) will be updated after every match. You can easily switch rankings in all widgets.

Happy new year, and happy gaming!

Black Friday 2019! 2019-11-25

Only for this week, everything on sale on rankade is available with an additional discount (up to 60% off their full price for Plus groups, and up to 75% off their full price for Supporter users) - on everything from new upgrades (which you can enable from here), to renewals, to extensions to what you already bought (which you can enable from here).

So, you now have an even dozen of reasons to upgrade your group to Plus.

  • Help us to keep working on rankade.
  • Enhance your playing group experience to the max.
  • Help us to keep working on rankade.
  • Become active contributors to rankade.
  • Help us to keep working on rankade.
  • Enjoy all exclusive features.
  • Help us to keep working on rankade.
  • Make rankade bigger and better, more useful, more fun.
  • Help us to keep working on rankade.
  • Enjoy full weekly reports, the latest feature we released.
  • Take advantage of the additional Black Friday discounts available this week.
  • ...and did we mention you'd help us to keep working on rankade? That, too.

Thank you very much for your much needed support.

And happy gaming!

Weekly report 2019-11-20

Welcome back!

As you might have noticed, we recently released a new feature in rankade. When you first access a group's page in a given week, via webapp, the Stats and facts interface automatically activates. Its new Report category, which will feature more and more items in the coming months, offers you the highlights for last week, so that you have a nice bird's-eye view of the most significant news in the group's subsets, and delta ree stats for group players over this period.

Full weekly report is available only for Plus groups, which can also access all other Stats and facts features, with all stat categories and types, and unlimited queries; however, to celebrate launch, this new feature is partially enabled in Standard groups, too.

Besides the auto-activation on your first login of the week, you can access the weekly report any time: just click on the red multifunctional floating button (bottom right) or the target button in the Players widget.

See you soon and happy gaming!

New API calls 2019-06-27

Starting from today, rankade public APIs include three newly released calls, allowing groups to retrieve rankings (for Main or selected subset) after entering matches, and more. You'll find all the info you need to use the API service in the related documentation.

Happy gaming!

Black Friday? 2019-05-27

What's that you say?
Black Friday is in the fall, in November, and we're in May right now?
Also, today's not Friday?

But we want to celebrate our second anniversary since the launch of the Plus upgrade, so this is our Black Unfriday offer: only today, everything you can buy on rankade is available with an additional discount (up to 60% off their full price for Plus groups, and up to 75% off their full price for Supporter users) - on everything from new upgrades (which you can enable from here), to renewals, to extensions to what you already bought (which you can enable from here).

In two years, the list of new features exclusive to Plus groups has grown quite longer (the latest additions are full usage of match entering API and montly/quarterly autosubsets). We keep on working to offer you an ever richer and more complete system, and we keep needing your support for that (if you can spare five minutes, read here: nothing much has changed since we first posted that).

Thanks again to all who support and keep supporting us, thanks to all who're starting today, and see you soon with our next releases.

Happy Black Unfriday!

Quarterly and monthly subsets 2019-05-22

A new feature and a new addition to our long list of automated subsets!
Starting from today, Plus groups will also have access to monthly subsets (for the current month and two months before it) and quarterly subsets (for the current and previous quarter).

Subsets are automatically created as soon as the fifth match for the relevant period is entered, starting from the "May" and "2nd quarter" subsets for the current year.
Like all other automated and custom subsets, each monthly and quarterly subset has its own dedicated ranking with stats, activities, pair and matchup stats, badges, stats and facts, the whole shebang.

As always, you can change the subset you're viewing using the droplist on each widget (ranking, player stats, matchup stats) or via the dedicated "Games and subsets" widget.

Happy gaming!

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