Android and iOS apps v2.3.0 2024-05-29

It's great to see you again!
We have a new same-day release for both platforms.

This time we have a slew of updates, with added features and more data access options. Most of all, the mobile app now has comparative player stats within a group and matchups for each player vs the others, which were available only on the webapp.

New version 2.3.0 for Android and iOS adds:

  • Favorite groups pinned in group list
  • Player's stats tab (with new dedicated tab)
  • Player's details with rewards, matches, w/l stats (via players tab)
  • Matchup stats (via player's details)
  • Enhanced ghost management
  • Enhanced group editing (including admin approval setting)
  • My stats page
  • Export my matches
  • Export group matches
  • Bug fixes

We eagerly await your feedback and, in case you haven't done it yet, please rate and review us on the stores.

Happy gaming!

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