Step 3 - Match Result


Enter the final standings between factions in the match.

By default, the factions are ordered from best to worst result (with two factions, a winner and a loser; with three factions, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and so on) in the same order as you entered them. You can alter the order using the arrows and add ties by selecting the 'chain' icons (for instance, in a four-faction match, you can have a winner, two factions tied for second place and one faction in the fourth place).

Ree calculations depend on these standings, so you need to correctly enter the full results, not just the winner.

If, as it happens in some games, there are no defined rankings and no final standings beyond the single winning faction, select the 'chain' icons between all losing factions so that they are all considered tied for second place.

Points (optional)

Enter each faction's score.

Some games (chess, for instance) don't have a score. You can leave this field blank (or enter 1 for the winner and 0 for the loser, or 0.5 each for a tie).

Even when games have an actual score, completing the points field is not required.

However, we recommend entering all the data you have, so that you may enjoy rankade's statistical features in future releases.

Comments (webapp only, optional)

You can add a free comment, to record a report of the match or other information.

All group members can add or edit comments afterwards.