Team17 Pool Rankings

House Rules:

- 1 shot on black
- Object Ball or Cue ball must hit a cushion on any shot (unless potting)
- Do not carry 2 on Fouls
- Ball must be place behind baulk on re-spot and played forwards.
- Fouls must be played where they lie, unless no full ball can be seen. At which point you can play any ball or replace to the baulk line.

Match Weighting

1v1: Normal
2v2: Middle Light
3v3: Light
4+: Ultralight

Tournament Games 1v1: Heavy
Tournament Games 2v2: Normal

Tournament Final 1v1: Massive
Tournament Final 2v2: Heavy


No ranking available!

This group has not started to record matches on rankade yet, so we could not process any ranking.