Coronavirus 2020-03-25


So, there's this coronavirus thing. We can see from our system, too (as if we needed more proof...). All over the world, the number of matches for some types of games and sports, such as Table Tennis and Foosball, has dropped close to zero, understandably. Esports, video games and home boardgame groups have only slightly lower declines, and in general we are at an all-time low of activity on rankade.

Besides the data on webapp usage, we see all around us how world is different.
Our headquarter is located in one of the most hard-hit areas on the planet in terms of victim count, infection spread and restrictions on normal activities, with all that follows.
In short, we have seen better times.

Although we are working in very unusual conditions, since even the most basic activities are on hold, all webapp features are active, and we will do all we can to keep them so.

You probably have a thousand important and urgent things to deal with, which require your utmost care and attention. The list is very long these days. Should you, almost as an afterthought, have the time and resources to lend us a hand, to give us a small signal, besides the upgrade to Plus there is always the option - very light on your budget, about $1 a month - to become a Supporter. A small contribution that would work wonders for us, in every sense, in these complicated times.
Rankade wants to thank you for your support, and to help you with coronavirus lockdown, so all users who become Supporters in this period will have a free two-month extension; our plan, though, is to get back on track as soon as possible and take back the time, space and matches that the virus is stealing from us.

Above all, even if you cannot go to the office and challenge colleagues at Table Tennis as you did every day, even if you cannot be at your usual gaming night, even if your weekly appointment at the gym or club is suspended, even if your movements are limited, even if you're locked down at home, even if your regular gaming mates are unavailable, keep playing.
It is good for you.
And it is important.
Keep playing. Maybe changing habits, maybe changing the type of games, maybe changing gaming mates and opponents, maybe playing mostly with your family, maybe playing with those with whom you share your lockdown or quarantine quarters, maybe playing at a distance, over the Internet, over a video call, maybe changing everything, maybe inventing something new.
Keep playing.
Keep. Playing.
Rankade is and will be at your side. We look forward to your new matches, your new groups. And one day, when possible, we hope to see you play again like before, and more than before, even with those matches and in those groups that, for now, you've had to put on stand-by.
And we will still be there.

Despite coronavirus, despite everything, happy gaming!

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