Stats and facts 2018-04-26

It's done.
After a long process of development, implementation and testing, here comes the new 'Stats and facts' area, a new addition to the lineup of exclusive Plus features.
We're really proud of it.

To access the new area, just click on the red multifunctional floating button (bottom right). After opening the modal window, you'll be able to browse though all five available blocks, each with several items.

These are the stats we implemented:

  • Best/worst stats, including max/min ree in group history, best player/pair by win percentage, wildest mismatch, best/worst matchup for each player.
  • All pair matchup stats, to evaluate the performances of pairs in 2-vs-2 challenges and in matches with teams of several players.
  • Current streak stats for player, matchup, pair, pair matchup.
  • Highest/lowest ree stats for each group member.
  • Last win/loss stats for player, matchup, pair, pair matchup.
  • And more!

All stats are available for all players and for each subset within the group, including yearly subsets, automated weight-based subsets and custom subsets. An example: for a 20-player Table Football group with ten subsets, the 'Stats and facts' window can have over 5,000,000 (yep, that's five million) different outputs, always up-to-date with every match you enter.

All members of the Plus group have unlimited access to these queries.

Moreover, all outputs can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or the group's chat with a single click. A chance you don't want to miss to brag about your high scores and winning streaks, to shake your head in disbelief when you're down in the dumps, to share with your nemesis the challenging nature of your love-hate-win-lose relationship, to take a walk on memory lane and remember the good old days or your old shames, to celebrate the affinities with your best mate or the win you never expected to bag.

And what if you're not in a Plus group?
You can still access the 'Stats and facts' window ant test some of the features. And then... well, the best idea would probably be upgrading your group to Plus, unlock unlimited access for you and all other members and give your much needed contribution to rankade, so we can keep on working and making our system better, adding new features like we just did this time around.

We still need your support, the present and future of rankade depend on you. As always, thanks to all who gave us their kind support.

And, as always, happy gaming!

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