Black Friday! 2017-11-24

Last year, on Black Friday, the number of users logged in to rankade reached an all-time low. We should have seen that coming, really: everybody was out shopping for shoes, or clothes (or maybe new table tennis paddles, boardgames, or billiard gloves to climb their groups' rankings on rankade).

Therefore, this time we chose to have a little Black Friday of our own, for those happy few who dedicate a little of their Friday (on a work break, in the evening, or anytime else) to the best thing in the world: playing... and who, of course, spend a little of their time before, during, and after the match in the best game-side place to be: on rankade.

So let's have our own Black Friday: only today, everything on sale on rankade is available with an additional discount (up to 60% off their full price for Plus groups, and up to 75% off their full price for Supporter users) - on everything from new upgrades (which you can enable from here), to renewals, to extensions to what you already bought (which you can enable from here).

Assuming you still have some spare change after all that shoe-shopping, of course... and assuming you want to support our project. :)

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