Two new features! 2017-11-09

And here we are again, so very soon after last time.

We just released two new exclusive features for Plus groups, adding to the long list you can see on the pricing page.

  • New awards! We have introduced win medals and draw and loss pins. As with all others, these too are awarded for every subset (auto-generated and custom) in the group, and are visible in the user rewards within the group, in the activities page and in the match details.

  • Also, we are very proud to present, by popular demand... pair stats! A vital addition for all Foosball groups and, in general, for team sports and games. For each pair in the group, wins, draws, losses, and win percentages are calculated for the two players in the same faction. You can access these new data in the 'Matchup and pair stats widget' (formerly 'Matchup stats'), by switching the selector.

New releases await you in the next few months, so stay tuned.

And, as always, happy gaming!

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