Monthly report and Black Friday 2020! 2020-11-24

Now the Stats and facts Report category offers you the highlights for last month!

Full monthly report is available only for Plus groups, along with all other Stats and facts features, with all stat categories and types, and unlimited queries; however, this new feature is partially enabled in Standard groups, too. Besides the auto-activation on your first login of the month, you can easily access the monthly report any time.

And what else?
It's Black Friday week!
Once again, despite the coronavirus and only until the end of November, everything on sale on rankade is available with an additional discount (up to 60% off their full price for Plus groups, and up to 75% off their full price for Supporter users) - on everything from new upgrades (which you can enable from here), to renewals, to extensions to what you already bought (which you can enable from here).

Help us to keep working on rankade, and happy gaming!

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