Black Friday? 2019-05-27

What's that you say?
Black Friday is in the fall, in November, and we're in May right now?
Also, today's not Friday?

But we want to celebrate our second anniversary since the launch of the Plus upgrade, so this is our Black Unfriday offer: only today, everything you can buy on rankade is available with an additional discount (up to 60% off their full price for Plus groups, and up to 75% off their full price for Supporter users) - on everything from new upgrades (which you can enable from here), to renewals, to extensions to what you already bought (which you can enable from here).

In two years, the list of new features exclusive to Plus groups has grown quite longer (the latest additions are full usage of match entering API and montly/quarterly autosubsets). We keep on working to offer you an ever richer and more complete system, and we keep needing your support for that (if you can spare five minutes, read here: nothing much has changed since we first posted that).

Thanks again to all who support and keep supporting us, thanks to all who're starting today, and see you soon with our next releases.

Happy Black Unfriday!

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