Custom subset reloaded 2018-11-17

Welcome back!

We have just released a significant retooling of custom subsets, a Plus-only feature.

From now on, you will be able to create a custom subset even when it contains no match initially (in the earlier version, five matches were the needed minimum), and you can set date limits... in the future! (Great Scott!)

These two changes allow you to open a custom subset before its date interval, which in turn allows us to fulfill a popular request: fully customizable "season" subsets (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, by actual seasons of the year, by sports season, etc.).

For instance, you can create today a custom subset starting on 2018-12-01 and ending on 2018-12-31 containing all matches for December, which will fill up the subset as you play them.

Moreover, each Plus group can now create a maximum of five custom subsets (instead of four).

Please remember that subsets for:

  • each game,
  • each weight,
  • and each number of factions

are automatically created (with no limits and after the fifth match in the subset for Plus groups, only for the first three subsets and after the twentieth match for Standard groups), as are yearly subsets (for Plus groups only).

Each subset has its own ranking, all stats, facts, badges, activity feeds, and more.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions and feedback, we'll keep listening.
Check back soon, there's more new stuff brewing!

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