Funny little faces 2018-10-16

Rankade keeps growing. After the significant September upgrades, and while you wait for next month's news, rankade offers you a wider range of writing tools. Starting from today:

  • Group chats support markdown syntax
  • You can use emojis in group chats, match notes, faction name and so on

As we know and appreciate that for some of you this upgrade is much more essential than any technical tinkering or stat-crunching spruce-up (and there's nothing wrong with that - good spot for an emoji right here...), we remind you again that, if you feel like it, you can actively contribute to rankade's development - as stats-and-rankings supporters, as emoji enthusiasts, or as a bit of both (and we could definitely put another emoji here...), by upgrading your group to Plus.

Of course our first emoji-capable update gives us infinite possibilities to dazzle you with our emoticon skills. But, you know what?, call us a bunch of hipsters but we like it old school. A news post about emojis, without emojis? Let's see how it works out.

Happy gaming!

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