Just a hint 2018-01-19

Our system has detected that some groups are recording matches in a different group with the same name as a previous group, with the year appended (e.g. 'My group 2018'), and the same players.

We would like to inform you that - for Plus group - a new feature (Yearly autosubsets) is available with which rankade is able to automatically create subsets for matches played in each calendar year.

Therefore, we suggest you keep recording your matches in your original group, so that you can keep collecting statistical data, enjoying your new year ranking without losing the global ranking (with all-time stats, belts, badges, activites). Both rankings (global and yearly) will be updated after every match. You can easily switch rankings in all widgets.

Also, please remember that admins can always edit or delete previously recorded matches (adding, removing, or exchanging players, changing parameters, etc).

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